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We always strive to provide the best quality and service. Our customers are happy because we provide old fashion quality service with a smile.

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  • Review from Bill B. (in Bellevue, WA)

This store is absolutely amazing! Men's hats, women's hats .. toppers, coaches, flappers, caps, pith helmets, leather, panama .. I didn't see any style they didn't have. The service was impeccable and when I said I was looking for a snap brim fedora for summer that was easy to take on flights (crushable) and could withstand a bit of weather, I was promptly shown a succinct collection of brands in a nice range of colors. Since I couldn't make up my mind between the two finalists, I bought them both!

I was also pleasantly surprised by the prices which were quite competitive even with some on-line shops. I have only had bad experiences with online shops because even though a hat size is supposed to be the same (the fitted sizes), they are all still hand-made so there are slight nuances and even a couple millimeters can make an uncomfortable difference. Since I was able to try on about 2 dozen different hats, that knowledge was reinforced.

  •   Review from Mark B.  (in Sterling Heights, MI)

 I'm from Michigan and I stopped into this store to look around while in Seattle. I needed a hat because it was raining in Seattle (I know, right?) This is a great retro style hat store you'd imagine in the 30'/40s. Very cool!I  I was left alone to browse a while, and then I needed some help. Once I showed interest, the service was impeccable! Shawn spent a lot of time with me, never rushing me and discussing and educating me about hats. The truth is, I already knew a good amount about hats as I wear one most days, but Shawn was a true professional. After about an hour of trying on hats, I purchased a nice Bailey straw/poly fedora to shed some rain water and out I went into the overcast sky's and drizzle.

I left and wondered the streets until I came upon another hat store. When I went inside, it just didn't feel the same as I was greeted by a college kid who was on his mobile phone., music kind of loud etc. Nice kid, but not to knowledgable about hats fit and finish.

I left the competitor and went back to Byrnie Utz Hats and purchased a beautiful Bailey fur felt stingy brim pork pie dress hat. My 2nd hat in one day from this store, because they earned my business. Great selection, great quality, competitive pricing and outstanding professional service. I recommend Shawn at Byrnie Utz Hats to anyone wanted more that a department store won't regret the investment of your time or your money at Byrnie Utz Hats!

  •  Review from The Mystery Englishman D. (in Winnetka, CA)

LARGE sizes you CANNOT FIND ELSEWHERE! I have a giant head and searched high and low on the internet. When visiting Seattle we passed this place and bingo! Great selection, reasonable prices and knowledgeable staff. If you are into vintage events, swing dancing or generally dressing up all the hat styles you need for 10s through 50s are here in many varieties.  


  •  Review from Ben W. (in Puyallup, WA)

 A REAL hat shop. I literally was asking myself the other day if there were any hat shops around so I could get something nice to compliment wearing a nice suit every day. On a walk during my lunch, BAM! There it was...the Hat Mecca of the Northwest. 

This isn't some anomalous gift shop down a small ally in Victoria B.C., this is the kind of hat shop that would've been at its pinnacle during the "Mad Men" days. A true gentleman's store that'll be getting my business exclusively for life.

Also, if you're looking for a cheap hat...go to Target & get some class. This is the real deal...


  •  Review from Anonymous (in Seattle, WA)

 I almost didn't go in this shop...

My wife needed to drop of a shoe for repair next door(another great shop by the way) and I got to looking at the window display. I have been looking for a particular Stetson for a while now so I thought I'd see if they had it to try on. They didn't have the exact style I was looking for but it took the gentleman who was helping me five seconds to pull another style that was actually better than what I was looking for. On top of that, the hat was marked half off for a small blemish I am more than happy living with.

Great shop, great people, great hats!

  • Review from Scott W. (in Atlanta, GA)

Just needed a simple hatbox for travel last time I was in and they treated me like I was buying out the store. As a nice bonus they found me some spacers to make the hat I had with me fit even better. The best hat shop I have found in all the cities I visit.

  • Review from R. P. (in Scottsdale, AZ)

 I had a fantastic experience at Byrnie's and ended up with three great new hats (and six swappable hat-bands).

When I walked in, I was warmly greeted and asked if they could help.  I explained that I was new to hats, and would love to learn about the styles, my size, and some help in picking out some hats that matched my style.  

They patiently reviewed the various hat styles, helped me try on several of each, pick out colors best suited to me, introduced me to the replaceable bands and even reshaped one of the new hats for me.

They are definitely a store that is willing to go the extra mile, and is happy to take the time to educate their customers.  I look forward to visiting Byrnie's on my future trips to Seattle.