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There are many custom services available at the store, most at no cost to you. However, please note that a hat we have altered or special ordered will not be exchangeable or returnable. The quality and material of a hat will also be a factor in what services we can offer.

  • Reshaping: We offer a free touch up shaping. We can fix up old hats, reform brims, reform crowns, and shape open crowns.
  • Brim Cutting: We offer a free brim trimming service. We can cut felt hat brims in 1/8 of an inch increments.
  • Stretching: We offer a free stretching service but the material and condition of the hat and inner sweat-band will determine how much we can stretch it. Please note, when stretching you always run the risk of the sweat-band or other parts giving way and splitting. Although we are always careful and try not to let this happen, we will not be responsible for any damage.
  • Padding: We have several different kinds of padding ranging from free to $6.00.
  • Cleaning: We offer a free touch up service with brushes and different hat sponges but we do not offer a solvent cleaning service.
  • Initialing: We offer a free initialing service that embosses your initials on the inside sweat-band but it must be a leather band for this service.
  • Bands: We sell many aftermarket interchangeable bands both dress and western. 
  • Special Orders: Special orders are available from some companies we work with. Keep in mind, many of them will charge a special order fee and can take several weeks to deliver the hat. Also, none of the companies will allow returns or exchanges unless there is a factory defect. (They will not allow it for wrong size or wrong color)