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How a hat should fit involves a great deal of personal preference as everyone differs on what is comfortable for them. A hat should be  as snug as possible without causing a headache or discomfort. Generally speaking, a hat should be held in place by the inner band just above the ears and just above the eyebrows. When checking the fit of a hat, especially a new or a stiff hat, it important to check how it will fit once it is broken in. As you wear it, the oval of the hat will form to the shape of your head. To check, you should try the hat on and push in wherever there is any gapping. This will relieve some of the pressure, most of the time, front to back and will help simulate how it will fit once it has shaped to your head. Most  companies no longer offer a choice of which oval you would like and opt to use a standard oval which we can adjust to your head shape to make the breaking in process much more comfortable. In the long run, most hats will tend to draw in over time (although they will feel like they are getting bigger during the breakin in period.) If you fall between sizes or change your hairstyle frequently it is recomended that you go with the looser fit as it is much easier to add a little padding to a hat than it is to be fighting a hat that is too tight.


When measureing your head it is important to remember that a tape measure usually is much thinner than the sweat-band on the inside of the hat. The head should be measured around the widest point where you would want the hat to rest. Usually when measuring, you would want to put the tape measure on you forhead just above the ridge of the eyebrows going around the back, over the occipital bone with the sides resting within a finger width above the ears. Although this may give you your size, all hats vary one to another. To get the most accurate fit, it would be best to provide us with your inch or centimeter measurement so we can measure the individual hat and reduce some of the size variations.   


Hat sizes can vary greatly for numerous reasons. Sizes vary one manufacturer to another. The individual blocks used to make the hats can vary even within the same company. There is a great deal of hand work that goes into hats. Most of the companies use a formula that is similar to the chart below, although one company may make Large fit like a 7 3/8 where the next makes theirs fit like a 7 1/4. Due to this, if it is at all possible, please provide us with your measurement in either inches or centimeters so we can measure the hat that you want individually.