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Care & Tips

With a little care and maintenance hats will look much better and require less steaming as well as last much longer. The care of a hat depends on the material, brim shape, and the crown style. We offer a free touch-up service that includes brushing and steaming of any hat. However, our ability to reshape a hat depends on the quality and the material of the hat. Here are a few of the most frequently asked care tips. If you have a more specific question, please feel free to contact us.

HANDLING: With all hats it is recommended that you handle the hat by the brim and not by the crown. Over time, the crown will crush in on felt hats and can break on straw hats. It is best to use a good grip front to back and as close to the base of the crown as possible.

BRUSHING: When brushing a felt hat, there is a grain to the felt. They should be brushed in a counter clockwise direction on the crown and the top of the brim and brushed in a clockwise direction on the bottom of the brim. This will allow the hat to get cleaner and not inbed the dirt further. The best brushes to use are a soft bristle nylon or horsehair brush similar to a clothing brush. Due to the powder dyes in some felt hats, you should use a different brush for light colors and dark colors. On wool felt hats or caps, a lint brush can also be used. On straw hats, any softer brush can work but the best method is to lightly wipe them with a dry micro fiber rag.

WEATHERPROOFING: On fur felt hats there is no need to treat them for the rain as the natural oils in the fur act as a rain repellent, Although if you use them in heavy rain, spraying them will keep them from getting as heavy and pulling out of shape. Wool felt hats need treating to help hold the shape as the felting process strips the wool of the natural oils. Many of the wool felt hats we carry are pretreated at the factory and won't need treating immediatly but they should be retreated down the road. Cloth hats can also be treated with a rain repellant. We sell a rain and stain protector for felt hats or any water repellent spray for fabric will work.  

DRYING: When drying a hat it can have a tendency to draw in, especially the leather sweat, if it dries too fast. It is best to let it dry in the coolest room of the house away from any heaters. When a hat is drying, the shape it dries in the way it's going to want to stay. So it is important to dry the hat in a manner that is appropiate for the style of the brim and crown. The easiest and most universal way to dry the different brim styles and crown shapes is to hang them. When that's not possible, than have the biggest surface area supporting the weight of the hat.

  1.  Fedoras should have the brim turned up all the way around and set flat on a counter to dry.
  2. Trilbys & Presnapped Fedoras: should be set on the crown or over the edge of a counter so the weight of the hat isn't on the down-turn of the brim.
  3. Turndowns & Casual Brims: should be set upside-down on the crown to keep the weight of the hat off the brim.
  4. Westerns: should be set upside-down on the crown to keep the weight of the hat off the brim.
  5. Ladies hats: the brims vary greatly but should be rested on something to keep the weight of the hat off the brim.

STORAGE: When storing a hat on a shelf, store it in a similar way you would want to dry the hat due to the weight of the hat distorting the shape of the brim. For regularly used hats the easiest way is to hang it on a hook that is far enough away from the wall to keep the brim from touching. For long term storage or for seldomly used hats, a hat box with the inside support ring is the best way to keep the hat in shape and keep the dust off.